Author James Lenhoff draws on his deep experience in the world of financial planning and his life as a husband, father, and neighbor to create Living a Rich Life: The No Regrets Guide to Building and Spending Wealth.

Lenhoff offers real-life examples of people who have faced the same financial challenges that arise in almost every family. He uses simple, plain-language advice on how to keep fear, anxiety, and misinformation from derailing your peace of mind about money.


In the book, you will find simple, straightforward methods to:

Set realistic financial goals that fit your life, values, and family's needs.

Make saving a natural, comfortable part of your life.

Keep disagreements over money from coming between you and the most important people in your life.

Give yourself permission to be generous, no matter how much you make.

Develop healthy attitudes in your children about saving and spending.

Prepare for the good times and bad times with equal confidence.

Create a legacy that will serve your highest goals after you are gone.

Book Reviews

No matter the topic, all nonfiction books are challenged to be distinctive yet readable. And in the face of this challenge, too many authors sacrifice readability.

Indeed, "Living a Rich Life" is *so* distinctive, and *so* readable, I couldn't put it down. It is insightful in so many unexpected ways. Who would expect a CFP to bash budgeting? To enable buyer's remorse in his own children (in order to learn from it)? To dedicate an entire chapter to making financial decisions NOT based on the numbers?

And yet, you find yourself nodding your head and agreeing with these counter-intuitive insights. It is readable, and believable, because it is so relatable. In every allegory about every client, colleague, or family member, Lenhoff paints human pictures to which everyone can relate ... either because they know someone exactly like that, or because they themselves have faced that same challenge.

D. M. Cooper - Amazon - 5 Stars

I couldn’t recommend “Living a Rich Life” more! It’s a quick read and extremely practical which was perfect for me as a busy mom. I love the guiding principle that life is ultimately about relationships, not money and that when you live in light of that your life is rich and full while also financially sound. So many financial books do not take into account your whole life and how financial decisions will affect the other areas. I am very grateful for the section on teaching kids about money and our family is starting the “Bank of Mom and Dad” this month. This was just the thing I have been looking for to help teach our kids good money management. Five Stars!


I couldn't put this book down! It spoke to me in a way that I haven't experienced in a long time. The conversational tone and practical advice given in a judgement free and approachable tone make this my choice for readers of all ages interested in building and living a rich life.

Amazon Customer

The main reason this book is so enjoyable to read is the numerous real life stories. Hearing from James' interactions with his clients allows you to learn from their successes and mistakes in an engaging way.

My favorite part was chapter 3 on generosity. As a reader I felt challenged and excited to practice some of his suggestions such as The Lifestyle Cap and The Abundance Fund.

This was a great read that I highly recommend. It also ended up being a great Christmas present for a few family and friends!

Ryan Atkins

Living a Rich Life was one of the most interesting and entertaining books my wife and I have ever read on the subject of personal finance. In fact, it was about much more than finance. It was really about living a happy life and being financially responsible in the process. It is a very easy read that comes alive with real life stores and examples.
We have already bought a copy for each of our adult kids (who are already very financially responsible) because we think their are lessons for them and our grand kids.
Our only "regret" is that we didn't have a copy of this book to read 40 years ago when we were in our early 30's with young kids. Having said that, the book helped reinforce the good things we have done and gave us direction for some new things which can enrich our life further.

Eric Padderud

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